Who Vagabondian?

Hi! I’m Gurjas Bal aka Vagabondian.

A Filmmaker in making. Editing is my favourite part of the process, pre-production, not so much.

Photography is a compulsive habit, which I can’t stay without.

Not a very keen back-bencher in college, I missed most stuff bombarded at us by Mr. Panda, our photography teacher. However, I did love traveling. With my humble chinese phone camera, I would click pictures all the time. Random photos of myself, in extremely poor resolution though.

I still can’t probably point out with precision, but I think, my love for looking at the world through lens (or LCD sometimes) started with my phone camera. One thing led to another and before I knew there was a snazzy DSLR camera in my hand.

Over the years, I have come to learn something about myself. I am a slow learner and a even slower practitioner may be, but I’m an avid one. A thorough professional. I relish accumulating knowledge and crave for perfection in the output I deliver. It’s always a joy to learn new tricks and techniques and putting them to application.

I wish I could apply more of the things that I learn by doing them practically, so that I can improve upon my craft.

I love to surf around the web and learn new things related to photography and film-making.

Besides, I hope to make this world a better place. All ideas in this direction are welcome.


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